Cardiff School District

Inspiring a love of learning

We are beginning our STrEaM project.  We are researching beneficial and harmful insects.  We are reading and annotation on several different articles. In the science lab we have begun designing a bug catcher for Indian Stick Bugs which are a new invasive insect in our area. We will also investigate the difference between wind and insect pollinators. We will see what role harmful insects play in our environment and how they spread. Our field trip on March 28 will reinforce all of these concepts.

During Critical Literacy time we are discussing traditional tales. Our first subset were all Pourquoi Tales, or stories that mean to tell why something happens. The next set will be Tall Tales. Typically from America, these stories use hyperbole or exaggeration to explain something. The last set will be legends. We are always looking for deeper meaning and attempting to dissect a story not just retell it.
All multiplication facts should be automatic. We are now investigating not only the solution but the most efficient solution to each problem. 
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