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March 20, 2017






Dear Parents,


Thank you to all of you who joined us for our San Diego Botanic Garden field trip. The kids did a fantastic job of observing and sketching the various plants. Plus we had a great discussion afterwards about how plants survive in a harsh desert environment. Field trips wouldn’t happen without your support. I really appreciate it.


This week I will finish the remaining math assessments for report cards. We will also continue with fraction and measurement activities. We’ve worked hard on elapsed time and the effort is paying off. This week’s homework journal has a variety of problems including elapsed time. Our thematic studies have centered on the desert. The students have been doing desert research and we’ve begun an art project. This week we’ll complete the art project and begin writing our informational piece about the desert.


The kids were very excited to get their Vacation on Mars scripts last Friday. Each child has two copies of the script, one for home and one for school. I’ve told the kids to read their lines daily so they can learn them and know when they are supposed to speak. Each child also has three opportunities to be in front of the group for the songs and lead the choreography. Please encourage your child to learn his/her lines, practice them aloud and speak loudly, clearly and slowly in order to be understood. We will practice in class as well.


If you haven’t signed up for your student/parent/teacher conference, please go to my sign-up genius ( and reserve your time slot. Your child has done a lot of great work and is eager to share his/her progress with you.


Dates to keep in mind:

·       Fri., 3/24, Ability Awareness Day

·       Week of April 3, Conference week

·       Week of April 10, Spring Break

·       Week of May 1-5, CAASP standardized testing

·       Mon., 5/15 & Tues., 5/16, Vacation on Mars, dress rehearsals, 9:00

·       Wed., 5/17, Vacation on Mars, class musical, parent performance, 9:00



Have a great week!






Jan Hamilton