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For more information about the school board meetings, download our "Welcome to a Meeting of the Board of Trustees" brochure. Meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted in the Agenda.  (All files are in PDF format which requires a PDF reader such as  Acrobat Reader.)

2014-2015 School Board Schedule and Agendas
The Board Packet includes the Minutes from the previous meeting.
 July 10, 2014       Cancelled
 August 14, 2014   Board Packet
 September 11, 2014   Board Packet
 October     09, 2014  
 Board Packet
 November 13, 2014  Board Packet 
 December 09, 2014 Board Packet
 December 18, 2014Special Board Meeting Agenda 
 December 22, 2014Order of Adjournment 
 January 21, 2015
 February 10, 2015 Board Packet 
 March 12, 2015 Board Packet
 April 16, 2015 Board Packet
 May 14, 2015  Board Packet 
 June 9, 2015  Board Packet 
 June 15, 2015Special Board Meeting