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    We are well into our curriculum now. We are practicing our annotating skills, looking for main idea and details and cause and effect. You will see the consummable reading materials come home at the end of the month. It is a shift in reading expectations and isn't always easy but is going great. If you have an opportunity, speak to your child about some of the vocabulary that came home. It really demonstrates what they have been learning.


    In math we are doing many activities around multiplication. We are also reinforcing subtraction skills and always always problem solving. They should be getting comfortable with doubling of most numbers to 200, multiplying by 10, and halfing numbers to 100.  Use those playing cards or coins  to reinforce  those skills when you can.


    Our class has had multiple opportunities to get into the Makerspace Lab. It has been so so fun! We are building and programming. Next week we may be sending home iPads with a coding assignment. We are working on writing code to control robots through a maze. 


    Field trips are being scheduled. We'll use parent drivers so check your availability. They are always fun.