Cardiff School District

Inspiring a love of learning

So we are on our last leg of the year and still going strong. We have completed standardized testing. We are going back to our regular routine in class. In addition, we are rehearsing for our play, "America's Tallest Tales", that we will perform on June 9.

We will be using our reading series to read, dissect, annotate, and reflect on different types of literature. The units we are still covering are science related and economics. We are also reading from many sources on the Kumeyaay. They are people who lived in our community for thousands of years and continue to live here today. We will be writing a report and creating a Power Point presentation. Look for their report at Open House on the 25th.
In math we are doing some integrated task activities. These involve using all of the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to solve a given word problem. The problem begins simply and gets more and more complex. The students should be very comfortable with multiplication facts as well as halving and doubling whole numbers.