January Update Room 2


    Hello and Happy New Year! Hope your time off left you well rested and relaxed. It is so nice to get extra family time around the holidays.


    In math we are jumping into our geometry unit. We will be studying what the attributes are in different polygons. Students will learn about different lines, angles, shapes, and identify them by their attributes. Here is a list of the vocabulary we will cover: Parallel, perpendicular, Right angle, quadrilateral, parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, triangles: equilateral, scalene, isosceles, and right. It is a lot! I will send home a study guide soon, but know that we are covering it in class with different hands-on activities. We will then combine our fractional knowledge and our knowledge of area and perimeter with our geometry unit.  


    In science we are beginning our biggest STEAM unit, bridges. We are going to be able to identify different types of bridges and understand their function. We will learn why a bridge is built as it is and what makes it strong. We will be doing this with many mini lessons and designing our own bridges. This is my first time teaching this and I have spent a fair amount of time researching a fun and interesting way to teach it. As you can tell, I’m excited to get started! Our unit may take a few supplies and I will be sending home a request list soon.


    Reading these next three weeks in our series is fiction. It focuses on problems and how they are solved. We’ll also be doing a bit of reading and writing about our bridges so we should stay very busy. Still, reading at home is essential for building vocabulary and comprehension. Remember that the students are all in the phase of  “Reading to Learn” and the more they read, the better readers they become. I will assign another book report soon, again with the expectation that they can learn self-pacing and do it with little guidance.



    At home this month:

    Stay healthy! Lots of rest and hand washing.

    Read! Reading to your child, or them reading alone, the vocabulary they learn is important!

    Math fact study. The facts aren’t internalized yet. Keep up the fantastic work. They really are getting quite good.

    Writing – Ask your child if you can read their journal once in a while. It makes them want to write better if they know they have you for an audience.


    I am available on Thursday mornings for fraction tutoring. If your child is feeling insecure about their fractional understanding please let me know. I’d like to have a group at 7:40 on Thursday morning. Email me.


    As always, please contact me with questions or concerns.



    Cindy Switzler   


    (760) 632-5894 ext. 102