Go Green

  • The Cardiff School District is committed to being green!  Our district has implemented many green ideas and we are always looking for more ways to go green.  Being green not only helps the environment, it provides great learning opportunities for students. Green initiatives also can help the school district save money.

    Students recycling

    Rob Machado Foundation Partnership

    Many of our green initiatives have been funded by our partnership with the Rob Machado Foundation.

    • We've "greened" the cafeteria and the gardens.
    • We've reduced our use of plastic water bottles.
    • We've installed two re-fillable water bottle stations 
    • We've learned about how to take care of the beautiful ocean in our back yard.
    • We've developed hands-on curriculum to learn about oil spills, smog, landfills, and vermicomposting.

    Other Green Projects at Cardiff Schools

    And that's not all. Green projects are happening all around our schools.
    • We use ePackets instead of paper for weekly parent communication
    • We recycle at major school events
    • We encourage the use of reusable water bottles
    • We are lowering our use of resources
    • We actively encourage walking/biking to school
    • We have a robust garden program