• March 25, 2019







    Dear Parents,


    If your child hasn’t brought in his/her beach rocks yet, please be sure to get them to class early this week so we can get started on our project.  Each child needs 5-6 fist or palm size smooth beach rocks and about 2 cups of small smooth beach pebbles.  Thanks.


    The students will begin this week by writing his/her self-assessments about his/her progress and goals in math, reading and writing.  This is in preparation for next week’s student-led conference.  Please be sure to bring your child to the conference with you because he/she is the star of the conference and leads our conversation.  Our math work this week will consist of review of the concepts we’ve covered and more challenging work with each.  During writers’ workshop we will take another look at our opinion writing from last week to write a stronger argument.  We will be doing some desert research about the plants and animals that live in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, as they are the ones closest to us.


    We will practice the Cardiff History play with Ms. Stone’s and Mrs. Miller’s classes this week to get ready for next week’s performances.  Remember you are welcome to attend any of the performances: Mon. 4/1, 10:15, Tues., 4/2, 8:30, Wed., 4/3, 11:15.


    A new book order is in your child’s homework folder today.  Book orders are due this Thursday, 3/28.


    Dates to keep in mind:

    • Thurs., 3/28, book orders due
    • History of Cardiff play, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3
    • 4/1-4/5, conference week, minimum days
    • Fri., 4/5, awards assembly, spirit day, rainbow color day
    • 4/8-4/12, Spring break
    • Sat., 5/4, Ice Cream Social
    • Wed., 5/15, Vacation on Mars class musical, parent performance, 9:00 AM


    Have a great week!







    Jan Hamilton