• Room 4 Homework


    There have been a number of studies and varied opinions in regard to the impact homework has on early elementary grades.  I respect the opinions that different families have on this subject.  This year I will be assigning some at-home projects throughout the school year, but I will not be assigning a regular weekly packet.


     **I do encourage students to read or be read to (or with) DAILY.**

    If you would like your child to have routine math homework, please let me know so I can provide you with a workbook.  The average pacing for our class will be 1 sheet (2 sides) per week.

    In my Newsletter I will include a note to let families know which math concepts, letters, sounds, and sight-words we are covering in class that week. I encourage families to engage with their children to find ways to see how what we learn in class relates to daily life. Please also review the work your child brings home from school, and go over with your child, it if you find it appropriate.


    Some ideas to help your child at home:


    With Reading                                   

    Find pictures, objects or words that begin with our letter of the week.

    Find sight-words in signs, labels, etc.

    Read regularly to and with your child.  It is important for your child to have opportunities to read at his or her level as well as listen to you reading higher level books of interest.
    Your child can also practice reading skills on websites such as starfall.com or Reading Games on pbskids.org.


    With Math

    Find numbers, shapes, patterns, or colors around your home/community

    Count while on a car ride; count objects around you

    Make number sentences (adding, subtracting, more or less than) out of daily activities (shopping, laundry, cooking, etc.)



    With Writing

    Practice writing your name and/or our letter or word         

             in the sand

             with a paintbrush and water on the sidewalk

             in chalk or crayon or colored pencil

             Have your child draw/write about their day in a daily journal.


    “Homework should be assigned not simply as a matter of routine, but only when there is clear purpose in regard to student learning”.    –Cardiff School Board, Aug. 2012