•             Homework / Home Play
    There are many choices for homework/ home play.  The goal is to make it fun and engaging! 
    •  Please read books daily!  
    • Play math, writing or reading games. 
    • Encourage discussions about the world around you. Encourage questions. The Curiosity Wheel is a great tool start a conversation.  Ask their opioion about things. 
    • Incorporate math and reading into your daily life. For example, when you are at the store, have your child count our the number of apples you are purchasing. Ask them to name the beginning letter or sound of the object. Talk about what is larger or smaller, heavier or lighter, sweet or sour, etc.  Have them explain their thinking.  
    • Work in your math book at least once a week.  
    • Do the worksheets that come home highlighting the skills we are working on that week
    • Look at the Links to Learning page. Starfall is a great tool! 
    Special projects will be assigned throughout the year