• Start or Continue your Music Education in Middle School!

    The San Dieguito Unified High School District has excellent music programs at all area middle and high schools. Middle school is a perfect time to start or continue learning an instrument.  Middle and High School music students enjoy many benefits from improved academic performance, increased self-esteem, and the development of many "21st century" skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and more. Participation in a music program can be helpful on college applications.  Being a member of a school band program can help a student transition to a new school.  

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    "Being in band created a place for me at Oak Crest.  I don't know which high school I'll be going to, but I know there will be a place for me in the band." -SG, former Ada Harris student.


    Did you know...

    Band is an elective class at Oak Crest, Diegueno and Earl Warren Middle Schools. That means band is part of the school day -- no before school or after school commitments. Oak Crest and Diegueno offer Beginning Band or Symphonic Band (for experienced students - some students even take both classes if they already play an instrument and want to learn a new one!)  Earl Warren offers Band or Guitar. When students learn an instrument as part of their regular school day, they can progress much faster than a program where they only meet once or twice a week.  
    For members of the Wildcat Band who are headed to Oak Crest or Diegueno - you can audition for the Symphonic Band (for students who have been playing their instrument for at least a year and are proficient at reading music).  Students will be asked to play something they enjoy out of their book and their B-flat concert scale.

    Independent Study PE (ISPE) for Music Students

    Band is a great elective and many students are happy having band as their only elective.  However, music students who would prefer to take a second elective can do that if they take ISPE for their PE requirement.  Please read this informative brochure ISPE Information for Parents, prepared by a parent at Earl Warren, to completely understand the ISPE option.  Please note that ONLY music students are offered the chance to take a second elective (non-music students who take ISPE will simply have a free period in their school day, either 1st or 6th, where they must be off campus).

    A 2007 Harris Interactive Poll of working adults indicated that music education impacted five skill areas: ability to work toward common goals, striving for excellence in group settings, disciplined approach to solving problems, creative problem solving and flexibility in work situations. HARRIS INTERACTIVE POLL, 2007

    Questions?  Contact Oak Crest & Diegueno band director Cat Gold at catherine.gold@sduhsd.net or Earl Warren band director Charles Mekealian at charles.mekealian@sduhsd.net.