Site Council

  • The District is required to form and conduct a School Site Council (SSC). Cardiff conducts one council for both sites because of the unique nature of our district. Both site principals are involved in SSC, as well as parents and certificated and classified staff.

    Our purpose is to work with the principals to develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement, which establishes goals and strategies for students to reach academic proficiency.  SSC also receives information from the principals and the superintendent regarding student achievement and curriculum direction in order to make informed recommendations as requested.

    A representative from SSC attends the monthly Board meeting to report on SSC business, and that person reports back to SSC with regard to the Board agenda. Representatives from other groups such as the Cardiff SEA are also invited to participate in monthly SSC meetings.  All monthly meetings are open to the public.  The meeting dates and times can be found in the monthly parent bulletins in both school ePackets.