Mrs. Nguyen’s Guide to Surviving Sixth Grade

    Welcome to 6th grade!  I hope that you will be able to use this information to help your child be successful in sixth grade!





    This class is designed to be challenging!  We will cover the Common Core State Standards for Education in the subject areas of: language arts and math. We will use the California State Standards for Education in social studies and the Next Generation science standards.  I work hard to individualize and differentiate my instruction so that learning is increased for each student.  


    Assignments and Grading

    Any work that is sent home is intended to be purposeful and an extension of what is being taught in the classroom. All students will be responsible to keep track of their assignments; a planner may be useful to keep students on track. A Schoology account will be set up for each child to assist them in keeping track of their daily work and projects. 

    Work that is turned in late, unless due to illness or special circumstances, will not always be given full credit.  Therefore, there will be times when your child will need to finish assignments at home that have not been finished in class.  Assignments will vary depending on what we are studying.


    Throughout the year, students will receive three report cards that will track their progress.


    Students will have reading conferences with their teacher, and will be expected to complete assignments based on the books they are reading independently.  It is my hope that your child is reading both inside and outside of the classroom in order for them to complete the expected trimester assignments on time.  Your child should be reading at their independent reading level, so I will assess your child’s fluency and comprehension and will help them choose a leveled text that matches their ability level if needed. Please encourage your child to read at home as well! 



    Students will take part in a balanced math program of mathematical fluency, problem solving, and conceptual understanding. Students will be given a math journal and two “Student Activity Books”. “Homework and Remembering” pages will mostly be distributed digitally, but a hard copy can be requested by the student if needed. The adopted series will be used to complement the mathematical investigations that students are taking part in during their school day. Both ST Math and Khan Academy will be used as digital components of the math program. The “Homework and Remembering” pages, ST Math, and Khan Academy will be used to support students’ understanding and learning at home as well.  


    Classroom Rules:

    Students will co-create the classroom rules during the first weeks of school and will be expected to adhere to the guidelines the students and myself agree upon.  Established rules on the playground and at school will be enforced as well.  It is important that all students have respect for the Ada Harris staff, their peers, their school and classroom.  The Cardiff Way will be referred to as well to ensure that students are being respectful and responsible while here at school. 


    Positive Reinforcement:

    The students in this class will be working together to earn a reward of their choice (i.e. compliment party).  After receiving a total of twenty compliments, the students will be able to choose their reward.  Table groups will also work towards earning table points.  The table with the highest number of points at the end of six to eight weeks will have breakfast with the teacher. I will reward points for on task or exceptional behavior. 



    Every effort will be made to handle classroom discipline in a positive manner, however, if a child does not respond, the “Three Strikes” program will be used.

     Strike 1: Warning

    Strike 2: Focus Desk (A desk separate from their peer group.)

    Strike 3: Any or all of these actions may be taken if a third strike is issued: a lunch bench, Cardiff School Discipline Notice, and an action plan or refocus sheet.  An action plan is a letter that will be written by the student identifying their behavior and the specific steps they feel are needed to improve their behavior.  The discipline notice will be sent home to parents for them to review and sign. 


    If there are any serious behavior issues, I will contact you so we can work on improving the behavior together.  In severe situations (fighting, vandalism, defiance, or repetitive disruptive behavior), students will be sent directly to the office.  
    I look forward to having your son or daughter in my class.  If you have any questions please feel free to send a note with your child or you can email me: veronica.nguyen@cardiffschools.com.  I respond to emails from 2:45-3:45 everyday.  I appreciate your support.  Together we will have a successful year!

    Best Wishes, 

    Mrs. Nguyen