• The band consists of brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone), percussion and woodwind (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone) players. For more information on the different instruments used please contact our band director.
    A word about instrument choice: our instrumental sectionals have limited enrollment to maintain teacher/student ratios, and to maintain balance in the Band.  If some sectionals are over-enrolled, we may have to use a lottery system.  Do not despair!  All the instruments make great music, and learning any one of the wind instruments is a giant step towards learning another.
    Click here for Supply list to keep your instrument clean and sounding great

    Click here for instrument repair 

    Need an Instrument?  There are several options:

    • Ada Harris Music Boosters has some instruments that students can borrow (ask your Sectional Coach or Band Director)
    • Borrow an instrument from a friend or family member
    • Rent or buy an instrument: click here for recommended stores