Cardiff School District

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Music Boosters success is based on the volunteer efforts of many people! Here are some specific tasks we need help with this year. Please contact us if you can help in any of the areas below. Thanks for your support! 
  • Assist at sectionals the first few weeks - attend your child's sectional and help with checking out instruments, taking roll, etc.
  • Band Director Assistant for Beginning or Advanced ensemble rehearsals - assist the Director with passing out music, taking roll, handling student inquiries.
  • Outreach - help write thank-you notes to supporters
  • Sponsor angel - assist with in-kind donations from local businesses.  Occasionally we need Starbucks, pizza, bagels, items we can sell such as poinsettias or ???
  • Help plan fundraising campaign or event...have ideas?  We'd love to hear them!
  • Plan field trips or other team events for the band
  • Manage photos/videos, upload and share
  • Inventory instruments
  • Photocopying and misc administrative tasks
  • Research/write grants
  • Other – Please tell us what you can help with