Walk/Bike to School Safety

  • Walk, Bike (or Scoot) to School Day - Every Wednesday!

    Join kids and parents in a fun and healthy activity at Cardiff School!  Walk/Bike to School Day is every Wednesday!

    Benefits of Walk/Bike to School Day

    Walk/Bike to School Day provides an opportunity for everyone to be outside, walking or biking to school on the same day.  Walk/Bike to School Day has many benefits, such as exercise for kids and parents, and an increased sense of community.  It's also good for the environment (less driving), and it reduces congestion at school, which can make it safer for walking and biking.

    Tips for Walk/Bike to School Day

    Important: Parents are encouraged to pre-walk or bike the route they will use on a prior day to ensure the safety of the route.

    • Consider meeting up with friends to walk or bike to school together!
    • Talk to friends who already walk or bike to learn from their experiences - they can also let you know about scenic routes to take, like the Rossini Canyon Trail.
    • Be part of a "walking school bus or bicycle train" - groups of students accompanied by adults that walk or bicycle a pre-planned route to school together, picking up kids on the way.

    If you live far from school

    • Consider driving to a friend's house that is closer to school, and walking from there.
    • "Walk-a-block" - park one or more blocks away and walk to school from there.

    Special info for bicycle riders

    • The Cardiff School bike racks are located next to the blacktop steps by the PE equipment room (south side of the school by Mozart Avenue) plus in the front parking lot on Montgomery Ave by the District Office.
    • If the bike racks are full, then bike riders will be directed to an alternative area to secure their bikes.
    • You must wear a helmet and it is recommended you use a bike lock to secure your bike.

    Important tips for drivers

    If you need to drive on Walk/Bike to School Day, please be extra cautious and always yield to bikers and walkers.
    Please do not park in red zones or anywhere that your car will jut out into the street, requiring bicycle riders to be in the middle of the street to navigate around your car.

    Come enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise on Walk/Bike to School Day!