• Reading:

    Read for pleasure several times per week. Read independently, with someone, and listen to stories aloud.


    Study weekly word list as needed. Tests on Fridays. See SpellingCity.com for words and games to help you study.


    Play weekly math games using playing cards and/or dice (keep Math Fun Kit at home).

    Help with shopping and money, bake using recipies and measurement. Talk with your family about parts of a whole (slices in a pizza, pieces of a pie or cake, etc.)

    You are welcome to work on STMath at home, but it's set up to review skills at home rather than progress to new ones.

    Writer's Homeplay Notebook (WHN):

    Write at least two entries each week. You're welcome to choose any topic you wish, but if you need support, you have two topic suggestion per week.  You're allowed to draw pictures or add printed pictures if you wish. Have fun with it! And please return the notebook each Monday morning for new stickers.