• Each week our class learns one special, "tricky" vocabulary word. We use the inquiry method where the meaning of the word is discussed and revealed as the week progresses.\

    Week of 4/1 (we spent this week reviewing previously learned words)

    Week of 3/25 savvy: having know-how

    Week of 3/18 mimick: to copy, to imitate

    Week of 3/11 voracious: having an eagerness for, being hungry for

    Week of 3/4 scrutinize: to examine carefully

    Week of 2/25 diminish: to fade away or lessen

    Week of 2/11 prowess: skill or expertise in a particular area

    Week of 2/4 iterations: repetition of process to improve

    Week of 1/28 tranquility: calm, peace, stillness

    Week of 1/21 inference: a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning

    Week of 1/14 advocate: (v) the speak up or out (no) someone who speaks up or out for a cause

    Week of 1/7 illuminate: light up, illustrate, highlight

    Week of 12/17 nestle: to settle snuggly

    Week of 12/10 serene: calm and peaceful

    Week of 12/3 vigilant: watchful, observant, attentive, alert

    Week of 11/26 bustling: full of activity, or busy, energetic, and/or noisy activity

    Week of 11/12 avid: having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something

    Week of 11/5   prolific: plentiful, producting a great amount (prolific fruit trees, prolific readers...)

    Week of 10/29   strive: work hard to reach a goal, persevere

    Week of 10/22   tenacious: very determined, working hard to reach a goal, not giving up

    Week of 10/15   predicament: a problem, a troublesome situation

    Week of 10/8     aspiration: a hope, ambition, or goal

    Week of 10/1     grapple: to deal with, struggle with, wrestle with

    Week of 9/24     disgruntled: upset, dissatisfied, grumpy

    Week of 9/17     inquire: ask, wonder, seek

    Week of 9/10     engrossed: being completely absorbed in something

    Week of 9/4       whimsical: playful or fanciful, full of fantasy

    Week of 8/28     fledgeling : new, beginner, starting out