• Each week our class learns one special, "tricky" vocabulary word. We use the inquiry method where the meaning of the word is discussed and revealed as the week progresses.

    Week of 3/9 intrepid: fearless

    Week of 3/2 incredulous: very surprised, unable to believe

    Week of 2/24 scrutinize: examine carefully

    Week of 2/10 (review week!)

    Week of 2/3 tranquil: peaceful, calm, serene

    Week of 1/27 innumerable: vast amount, not able to count

    Week of 1/21 vigilant: watchful, alert

    Week of 1/13 advocate: (v) to stand up for, speak up about

    Week of 1/6 illuminate: light up, brighten, inspire

    Week of 12/16 nestle: settle in snugly

    Week of 12/9 serene: peaceful

    Week of 12/2 bustling: having noisy, busy, and energetic activity

    Week of 11/18 prolific: producing in large quantities/with great frequency, highly productive

    Week of 11/12 strive: to make great efforts to achieve

    Week of 11/4 diminish: lessen, reduce, make smaller/less

    Week of 10/28 adept: skilled, expert

    Week of 10/21 disgruntled: upset, grouchy, dissatisfied

    Week of 10/14 grapple: try, wrestle with (as in an idea or project)

    Week of 10/7  aspiration: desire, ambition, or goal 

    Week of 9/30   engrossed: absorbed

    Week of 9/23  predicament: problem, precarious situation

    Week of 9/16   inquisitive: curious, prone to questioning

    Week of 9/9     tenacious: very determined to do something

    Week of 9/3     persevere: keep trying, even when it's hard

    Week of 8/27    fledgling: new to something, a beginner