• A Snapshot of Mrs. Heyer 

    Janie and Deb

     It seems as though I've been a teacher for-e-ver! My first teaching assignment was in 1987 (I'll let you do the math), and it has been a very rewarding career for me. I've taught on both the east and west coast, as a middle and elementary school teacher, and recently as the Ed Tech teacher for the District. I'm overjoyed to be returning to the classroom and to have the opportunity to work with a class of students for their 5th-grade year.

    I'm married, have two grown children, and currently live with my whole family which includes Oliver the dog and ZZ the cat. When I get the chance I love to play pickleball with my husband, take walks on the beach, and be an innovative creator on my computer.

    The future teacher, my daughter Janie, and me. 💙