Recorder Resources for 2nd/3rd Grade

  • 3rd Grade  

    2022 Encinitas Holiday Parade Permission Slips

    Jingle Bells: Notes & Play Along Track 



    Instrument Care: 

    1. Do NOT share your instrument with anyone else. 

    2. Clean your mouth before you play (especially if you've just had something to eat or drink). Drink only water when playing. 

    3. Clean your instrument often. Soak it in hot water and dish soap for ten minutes, or put it in the dishwasher. Make sure it's completely dry before returning it to its case.

    4. Remember to bring your instrument to school on music days! 


    Instrument Use: 

    1. LEFT hand on TOP! Right thumb on your dot! 

    2. Cover the holes completely. 

    3. Say "two" to articulate the start of each note. 

    4. Blow air gently.

    5. Set your body up for success. Place your music in front of you at eye level. Stand with good posture (feet flat, tall back, shoulders back, chin up). 

    6. Keep your eyes on the music so you know what to play!

    7. Practice with a metronome or practice track!


    Fingering Chart for Recorders

    Free Online Metronome:

    NEW! Jingle Bells 

    Notes & Play Along Track 


    Practice (Play-Along) Tracks: 

    Hot Cross Buns

    Gently Sleep 

    Merrily We Roll Along