• Welcome to K-3 Music


    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ms. Zapata, and I am the K-3 Music Teacher and Percussion Coach for Cardiff Schools! I am so excited to be a part of this fabulous district, and to work in such a supportive learning community. It is such a pleasure to share music with your students! THANK YOU for supporting the arts at Cardiff Schools! 

    As we sing, dance, play, create, and explore the incredible music this world has to offer, I hope to provide your students with the foundational performance and literacy skills they'll need to become lifelong music-makers. 

    Cheers to a great year!

    Isabelle Zapata


    About our programs 

    Kinder and 1st Grade: General/Vocal Music. Students sing, dance, play, create, and explore music, while learning music fundamentals like matching pitch, keeping a steady beat, solfegge, and basic rhythmic notation. 

    2nd Grade: Intro to Instrumental Music. Students in second grade do instrumental music units - beginning with bucket drums and Orff instruments, then progressing to basic guitar skills and intro to recorder. Our goals in this year are to further develop our rhythmic literacy, begin learning melodic notation, and learn to perform as a part of an ensemble while treating musical instruments (and each other) with great respect. Amidst all this, we still save room for some great songs and folk dances!

    3rd Grade: Recorder Karate! Students further hone in their melodic and rhythmic literacy while learning to play new tunes on the recorder. Students perform in the Encinitas Holiday Parade and a Spring Concert. ***In the future, I hope to also introduce introductory units on Clarinet, Trumpet, and Percussion to further prepare students to join the Wildcat Band! 


    Help Support Cardiff Schools K-3 Music!

    DonorsChoose  Thanks to some AMAZING donors, our most recent project to fundraise for manuscript (blank sheet music) notebooks has been fully funded! With these notebooks, we will be able to further our 2nd/3rd grade music literacy studies in big ways this year! THANK YOU donors! 

    Want to do your part to support K-3 Music? Here's a link to our General Music Classroom Site on DonorsChoose: 

    Here's a few things you could help us cross off our wishlist this year: 

    • New Music to Learn!
    • Access to digital recordings! (help fund an iTunes account)
    • Replacement Guitar Strings (ball-end nylon strings for acoustic guitars)
    • Flexible seating/performance risers (Wenger FlipForms)
    • Instruments! (All donations of used instruments of any kind are VERY appreciated - but we would be especially grateful for clarinets, trumpets, percussion equipment, and/or ukuleles) 


    Interested in Volunteering in the 2nd/3rd Grade Music Room?

    Ms. Zapata is currently recruiting volunteers to assist with Recorder Karate Belt Testing, Music Literacy Small Group Centers, Concert assistants/fundraisers, and more! All volunteers are appreciated, though music experience is preferred.