•  Welcome to Mrs. Switzler's Third Grade

    Hello! Thank goodness we have the bulk of the craziness behind us. We are back to a sense of normalcy even if we are masked to do it. On the playground, student cohorts have expanded to include two classes and masking is optional outside. We run small learning groups daily and half of those take place outside. (Weather permitting) Students appear relaxed and are definitely in a school rhythm. 

    Literacy - Each day I read aloud and we discuss what is being read. We look for deeper meaning in our texts through inference, actions, or inaction. We look for why a character might react a certain way. We try to find empathy and meaning in different situations. Our novel study is currently One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. 

    English Language Arts - We have been working hard on our reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As they say we are no longer learning to read but reading to learn.  Our word study, science and social sciences are all wrapped up in these units. We are completing our second unit and moving into the Animal Adaptaion unit.  Currently we are researching wolves for a wolf report. Soon, they will have their own animal to research and write about. 

    Math - We are working to memorize our multiplication facts. Regular study at home - just 10 minutes a day - will really help this. We will move into simple division and then fractions which all revolve around multiplication fact knowledge. Typically we do a number talk which can touch on any of the operations we learn this year. We do problem solving and then play some type of game to reinforce the skill. 


    Time seems to be flying by. Please contact me with questions or concerns. 


    Cindy Switzler

    760-632-5894 ext. 302