• Which Cardiff students qualify
    for Learning Lab support? Why was my child selected? When will my child be exited from the program?


    These are frequently asked questions regarding the Learning Lab. The Learning Lab uses the team approach to qualify students.

    The DIBELS measure is the primary assessment tool the Learning Lab uses to identify students that may need extra support. Since every student at Cardiff School is assessed three times a year (each trimester) on his or her reading abilities using the DIBELS measure, Cardiff educators are able to analyze each child's reading progress to insure that all students are progressing to their fullest potential. Additional classroom assessments administered by classroom teachers are given routinely on all Cardiff students to monitor student progress and used in conjunction with DIBELS results.

    Once the DIBELS data is collected, Principal Julie Parker, Learning Lab coordinator Carolyn Van Lear and each classroom teacher work together to identify which students need the extra support to develop and strengthen reading skills.

    All Learning Lab students are assessed monthly. Students are exited out of the program once benchmark goals have been met as shown by student's classroom performance, classroom assessments, and DIBELS assessment results.

    Currently the Learning Lab at Cardiff Elementary School is providing support for more than 90 first and second grade students. Qualifying kindergarten students will be incorporated into the Kindergarten Reading Support program when the kindergarten students attend the full day.

    If you have any questions about your child's progress in the Learning Lab, please contact Carolyn Van Lear at carolynv@sdcoe.k12.ca.us or 760-632-5892 X116.