• Curriculum

    The Learning Lab has adopted new and exciting curriculum this year called Voyager Passport. It is research based, which means it has been put through rigorous studies to validate it's effectiveness.

    Voyager Passport is a comprehensive intervention system for students needing extra support with reading. It systematically integrates the five essential components of reading into an easy-to-deliver, coherent instructional routine. Student interest is sparked by engaging text that builds critical domain knowledge.

    There is a complete assessment and data management system embedded within the intervention. It allows teachers to monitor progress and make instructional decisions about the level of intensity for each student, using the differentiation strategies and reteaching provided within the curriculum. Voyager Passport provides readers needing extra support with explicit instruction, corrective feedback and more time on task in order to master critical reading skills.

    For more information about the dynamic curriculum we are using in the Learning Lab, please visit voyagerlearning.com.