• Educational Web Sites

    This site is a work in progress.  I will try to continue to locate websites that support classroom instruction, reinforce skill development and provide grade appropriate content.  Unless specified, the websites are free of user fees, although some may require creating a user account.

    Always monitor internet use.

      Here is a list of iPhone, iPad & iTouch Apps which I have either used or that have been recommended to me.  Please research any App prior to purchase as well as check for compatibility with your device.  Many have links to the seller's website.  I will post the App and the seller's name. 

    Math Bingo - ABCya.com
    Quick Math - Shiny Things (not sure if it available with new operating software)
    Math Racer - i4Software
    Hungry Fish - Motion Math
    There is also an abundance of puzzle apps for problem solving. 

    Enter your child's user name and password

    Go To:  scholastic.com/bookclubs

    Enter this Activation Code:  GVXYX


    In trying to locate appropriate books for your child to read, you will find that there are several different leveling systems or methods.  I hope you find these PDF's helpful, as you search for books for your child.

    Recommended Literature: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve is a collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents that is available in print and as a searchable database. The recommended titles reflect the quality and the complexity of the types of material students should be reading at school and outside of class.


         This is a fun site to use with writing.  Paste in one of your stories and look at common words in artistic way.  If a simple word is used frequently, your child could go back and edit their writing to make the simple words less common, thus not as large on the wordle creation.  There are a lot of fun editing features to play with as well.