• Room 8 Sharing


    Mondays:   Julian, Pierre, Chiara, Stella
    Tuesdays:  Brooks,  Kendall, Taj, Lilly
     Wednesdays:  Jack, Jasper, Ashley
    Thursdays:  Isaac, Alexander, Yvette, Asha
    Fridays:  River, Sydney, Bernard, Emilia


    Here are the weekly  sharing topics.  Help your child prepare three things to say about their item.  Please have your child keep their toys at home.
    Mystery in a Bag needs to be sent to school enclosed in a bag or covered up. It will be kept hidden until sharing time.  Please help your child think up three clues they can share with the class. 
     First week of the month:  Mystery in a bag
    Second week of the month;  Special book
    Third week of the month:  Free choice
    Fourth week of the month:  Something you created
    Fifth week of the month:  Something from nature