• March 18, 2019






    Dear Parents,


    The students finished their geometric art and poems for 2 voices that accompany them.  They are now on display in our classroom.  Please come in before or after school to see this beautiful work.


    Our math focus this week will be on elapsed time.  We’ll use clocks that we can manipulate and number lines to calculate the time.  This often takes some extra practice, so if you can, please provide some situations at home that your child has to figure out.  During writers’ workshop we have started an opinion piece of writing.  We will be reading a few articles to give us more insight into the subject, then we will state our own claim and draft an argument to support that claim.  We are learning about deserts in our thematic studies—the characteristics of deserts and the adaptations that plants and animals need in order to survive.


    We will be doing a couple of projects for our desert studies.  One of them involves beach rocks.  Each child needs to bring 5-6 fist sized (their fist) smooth beach rocks and about 2 cups full of small (about the size of a quarter) smooth beach rocks to class.  If you collect more, that’s fine.  Please bring them to school by Monday, March 25.


    Our class will be working with Ms. Stone’s and Mrs. Miller’s classes on the History of Cardiff play.  While the kindergarteners and first graders perform the play, our class will act as the historians, reading the background information that supports the history of the community.  Dress rehearsals are on Mon., 4/1 at 10:15, Tues., 4/2 at 8:30, and parent performance on Wed., 4/3 at 11:15.  You are welcome to attend any of these times.


    Dates to keep in mind:

    • Thurs., 3/21, Family Art Night
    • Mon., 3/25, bring beach rocks to class
    • History of Cardiff play, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3
    • 4/1-4/5, conference week, minimum days
    • Fri., 4/5, awards assembly, spirit day, rainbow color day
    • 4/8-4/12, Spring break
    • Sat., 5/4, Ice Cream Social
    • Wed., 5/15, Vacation on Mars class musical, parent performance, 9:00 AM


    Have a great week!







    Jan Hamilton