• ABCs of Kindergarten in Room 4


    AIf your child is absent, please call the school office (760) 632-5892 to let us know.   


    If your child is late getting to school, even 5 minutes, please check in at the school office before coming to class. The gates are locked 10 - 15 minutes after school starts, so if you're late, you need to enter through the front of the school.


    Our aide is Mrs. Ceseña.



    BPlease provide your child with a backpack that can hold a standard folder. 

    Back-to-School Night Night is September 6th.   Meet at the 1st grade lunch tables at 5:45.


    Birthdays are big in Kindergarten.  Cardiff School celebrates birthdays in a healthy way. Consider a bubble party, chalk-drawing party, or wrap a book or game that your child can open in front of the class, then donate to the classroom to continue to enjoy throughout the school year.  Let me know if you have any other ideas and we can plan together.  We will recognize summer birthdays at the end of the school year.  Please do not send birthday party invitations to be distributed at school unless all children receive an invitation. 


    I will send home book order forms for you and your child to look over every month.  Book clubs offer books at reduced prices.  It's a great way to build your child's home library!


    CParent and Teacher conferences are held at the end of the first and second trimesters, November 9 - 16 and April 1 - 56.  Watch for information and reply accordingly. 


    We have computers on Tuesdays at 9:30 - 10:00 with Mrs. Schricker.

    Communication Folder  I will be sending home a folder with your child on Wednesdays.  Please check it regularly as it will contain any paperwork for you, your child's schoolwork, and any homework.  PLEASE RETURN THIS FOLDER EACH WEEK!!
    Contact Info:  Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, comment, or concern.  You can reach me by email christa.stone@cardiffschools.com (preferred), by phone (760) 632-5892 x104, in person, or by note.

    Closed-toe shoes (with back straps) are required at school because of the active nature of playground time and other activities at school.  Please dress children appropriately for the school setting/learning. Visibly and clearly label sweaters, coats, and back packs, with first and last name and room number.  No hats are allowed in Room 4.


    DDiscipline is simple. We work hard as a class to make the classroom a positive and safe place for all. Our Cardiff Way rules are as easy as following the ABC's:


              1.  Act Responsibly

              2.  Be Honest

              3.  Care for Others

              4.  Show Respect

    E  If anything changes for the school emergency card, please inform the office and me.


    Early Release Days will take place for the entire school on Wednesdays. On Early Release days, nothing will change for the kindergarten kids until the second half of the year, when they will go home at 12:15.


    F Full Day Kindergarten starts on January 7!  School is then dismissed at 2:35 every day, but Wednesday.


    GOur class will have a 30 minute gym (or P.E.) class every Monday 11:00 - 11:30 with Mrs. Jones. We also have Cardio Club on Fridays at 9:30. The children are asked to wear athletic shoes on these days.

    We will visit Mr. Kardosa in the Garden on Wednesdays from 11:20-12:00.
    We will be celebrating Grandparents Day in the Spring.  We invite Grandparents to join us for lunch that day! (With the coming reconstruction, this year's date is still TBD.)


    HThis year some homework assignments and projects will be assigned to complete at home as needed.  Please look in your child's communication folder on a regular basis.  Nightly reading to, with, and by your child will make a positive difference in developing his/her reading skills now and with study skills in the future.  Math Homework sheets will be provided if you and your child would like to follow up with class lessons at home.

    IIndependence is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and confidence.  Kindergartners are very capable of doing many things on their own and I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom.  Please work on the following self-help skills at home with your child:  zipping, tying, dressing, etc.


    JWriting takes place every day in kindergarten.  One way we accomplish this is through writing in our journals.  Encourage your child to write at home for a variety or purposes.


    K Keep updated by reading the classroom newsletter online and checking the communication folder every day for other notes and information.  The newsletter & other information can be found on our website at cardiffschools.com -> Cardiff School ->Classroom websites -> Stone, Christa


    LOur class will visit the LRC (library) once a week on Thursdays at 10:35.  Our library associate is Mrs. Jones. Your child will check out a book to keep in the classroom when we go full day and return it the following week. 


    Kindergarten kids have the option of buying a lunch for the first half of the year.  They will eat from 12:15 - 12:30 on the days they buy lunch.  That means you will pick them up at the lunch tables at 12:30.  Please set up a lunch account in the office. The menu will give you more information.  A single lunch costs $3.50 and milk costs $.35. Adult lunches are also available. Notify the office if you plan to buy an adult lunch.  We love visitors!  Our class eats lunch at 12:00 when we go full day. If lunch money is sent to school, please send it in an envelope with your child's name on it. I highly recommend paying for lunches in the office and taking that responsibility off of your child.


    Please visibly and clearly label lunch/snack boxes on the outside with first and last name and room number. 


    MThe children will have music class with Ms. Zapata every Tuesday at 8:30.


    The kindergarten math curriculum provides students with a variety of mathematical experiences that help them develop number sense and a positive attitude towards mathematics that will continue throughout their school career and lives.  Many of our math concepts are also covered through our daily calendar routine.

    NA newsletter will be sent home weekly (usually on Wednesdays) through email, and is always available to view online. If you would rather receive a paper copy, please let me know and be sure to check the communication folder regularly.

    OOpen House will take place in the Spring. (With the coming reconstruction, this year's date is still TBD.)  


    PWhen picking up your child, please be prompt, and never leave your car parked in the drop off/pick-up lane.


    QQuestions? Please feel free to call, stop in, email, or send a note.

    RKindergarten report cards will be sent home 3 times during the year . 


    Kindergartners have morning recess from 10:00 - 10:30.  When we go full day, lunch recess is from 12 - 12:40, and afternoon recess from 1:30 - 1:45.


    SOur kindergarten day starts at 8:15 when we pick up the children at the Mozart kindergarten playground. Kindergartners should not arrive at school before 8:05 a.m. as there is no adult supervision until this time. Your child should remain in the Mozart kindergarten yard until the bell rings when we will all walk to our room together.

    On rainy days bring your child directly to the room at 8:05.  When the students are more comfortable at school, they may go to the cafeteria and watch a movie until the bell rings.

                At dismissal time, 12:15 p.m., you may meet your child at the steps on Montgomery Ave. for pick-up.  If you choose to pick up your child up at the lunch tables, PLEASE park in a legal spot, not in the red pick-up zones.  Daycare students will be picked up at the classroom.  Please let us know if your method of pickup changes.

                Students are not allowed to play on any of the playgrounds after school.  This is because first through third grades are still learning in their classrooms. 

                Siblings are not allowed to play on the playgrounds because of liability issues.


    We have a snack time at 10:00. Please send a healthy snack to school with your child.  Please note that snacks are NOT available for purchase at Cardiff School.


    Sharing will start after the first couple of weeks of school. I'll send a list of the topics and your child's day to share before we start.  Please discourage your child from bringing toys to school. They seem to cause problems. . .


    If your child has any changes in their transportation please let me know in writing, or by email.


    Don't underestimate your child.  This is a year of great growth.  If you have any concerns as we go (and grow), please let me know.


    VVolunteers and visitors must register in the office and pick up a badge.  If you would like to volunteer to help in our classroom, I'll be sending out a sign-up after Back to School Night. I'll need a room parent to assist with parties and I will also need a Cardiff SEA representative to make calls to schedule help at our annual Boo-By-The-Sea, Gala, and Ice Cream Social and to keep the class informed about what is going on with the SEA. This is an adult only meeting, but childcare is provided.


    We encourage each family to join SEA, our Parent-Staff Organization, whether you plan to attend meetings, or simply like to have the school address book.


    **I miss your students when they are not at school!  Please consider that your child may be missing important activities/new skills if he or she is on vacation on school days.  Please take a look at the school calendar and plan your vacation to align with our days off.  If your family has to take a vacation during school time, please be sure to let us know.


    WOur school website is cardiffschools.com.  It is a great resource.  Our class website can be found under 'Cardiff School', 'classrooms', then my name.

    XDuring school hours, perimeter gates are locked.  Parents and family members may eXit and enter via the main school office entry.   Please don't forget to check in with office staff.

    YYour ideas and suggestions are welcome!

    Z Zzzzzzzz- Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest.  Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give your child.