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    Topic for the week of:

    Aug.     31    Your favorite book

    Sept.     7       A photo or drawing of your family

                14       Mystery in a bag

                21       Something yellow

                28       Something that reminds you of Fall

    Oct.       5        Mystery in a bag

                12       Something orange

                19       Something spooky or silly

                26       Mystery in a bag

    Nov.      2       Something that starts with our letter of the week

                 9        Something for which you are thankful

                16       Your favorite hat

                30       Something red

    Dec.       7       Something that starts with our letter of the week

                14        Mystery in a bag

    Jan.       4        Something that makes you think of winter

                11        Tell about your dream for the World or a goal you have

                18        Mystery in a bag

                25        Something that starts with the same letter as your name


    Attention Parents...      NO TOYS AT SCHOOL

    ...unless specified on the schedule as "Mystery in a Bag".  That week, sharing needs to come to school enclosed in a bag of some sort - and will be kept in the back pack until sharing time.


      Tuesday           Wednesday            Thursday                 Friday              

    Bristol                  Graham                 Kyla                      Sage

    Curren                  Hannah                 Owen                   Samantha

                                                                       Ryan                     William


    Alex                     Beau                    Caroline                Hunter

    Asher                   Brainli                  Declan                  Reina

    Axel                                                      Georgina