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    The SEA is an organization comprised of parent volunteers, teachers and school staff whose goal is to raise money for the current and future students of Cardiff and Ada Harris schools. In many ways, the SEA is similar to a Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 


    The SEA is actively involved in fundraising efforts that allow us to directly invest money into the enhancement and enrichment of Cardiff schools. Our efforts pay for salaries that help keep class sizes small and add programs and projects that enhance the educational and developmental experiences for our children. 


    What We Fund 

    Cardiff SEA raises funds to pay salaries, keep class sizes small, and provide an enriched curriculum for your child.  Superintendent Jill Vinson created a detailed SEA Funding Overview (4.87 Mb PDF) that you can view. We support teacher salaries for programs such as:

    • Physical education
    • Technology
    • Science
    • Art
    • Spanish
    • Music
    The goal of Cardiff SEA is to keep class sizes at about 20 in grades K-3 and 25 in grades 4-6.
    We fund equipment that enhances the school such as computers, LCD projectors, document cameras, art & science lab equipment, library books, wall ball courts, lunch area awnings, stage curtains, and more.
    Cardiff SEA also provides funds for class assemblies, Ocean Week, and field trip scholarships.

    The SEA funds equipment to enhance the school such as the purchase of iPads for each child, computers, LCD projectors, art & science lab equipment, library books, assemblies, and field trip scholarships. The SEA also helps fund salaries for specialized classes such as physical education, art, technology, Spanish, science and music.


    Being involved is different for all of us, whether it be donating your time and/or money to a fundraiser or being on The SEA Board. Come to a meeting, volunteer at a function or make a contribution.

    We welcome all to participate!