• Policies and Operating Documents
    Cardiff SEA

    Business Policy

    Business sponsorship is a great opportunity for our community to work together to build strong schools. Your business can join us in making a difference in the lives of more than 700 students and also help create a ripple effect benefiting the entire community. Our Business Policy contains all the details.
    Endowment Policy
    Cardiff SEA maintains an endowment to secure the future needs of Cardiff Schools. The goal of the endowment is to fund programs in perpetuity and provide a safety net in financial emergencies. More details about the endowment can be found in the Endowment Policy Document.
    Facebook Page Policy 
    The Cardiff SEA Facebook page is to be used for the sole purpose of promoting Cardiff schools and the Cardiff SEA. It is not to be used for:

    - Commercial activities such as business solicitation
    - Political activity
    - Negative comments/rumors about Cardiff schools
    - Negative comments/rumors about individuals or businesses

    Administrators reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate.
    If a member wants pictures or announcements posted, they can send them to an administrator who will post if they are deemed relevant/acceptable.
    If a member wants a posted photo removed, notify an administrator and it will be removed.
    Cardiff SEA operates according to bylaws, which you can view in the Bylaws Document.