• Welcome to our library!

    Hello Readers!
    It is such a treat for me to see people walk into our school library for the first time: the vaulted ceilings, the walls full of windows, the comfy couches, and the stunning murals never fail to inspire a smile and look of awe.
    Aside from holding shelf upon shelf of some of the best classic and contemporary children's literature and non-fiction, our library also has an art station, a game and puzzle station, and many cozy places for reading or collaborating.
    On any given day in our library you can see students curled up on a couch reading a new graphic novel, playing chess with a friend, or viewing a multi-media presentation on the differences between a database and a search engine!  In other words, your student's time in the library will be as dynamic and interesting as the students themselves.  
    Our school library is an incubator for future library users, helping to grow this generation of 21st century learners.  Here at the Ada Harris library we follow the great tradition of libraries everywhere to ignite a passion for reading while also teaching skills on how to navigate the world of digital resources.
    Their years here will be filled with books, learning, and laughs!
    Thank you for being part of our school community.
    Happy Reading!
    -Changwin Bardin
    Head of the Ada Harris Elementary School Library