• Measure GG is a $22 million bond initiative approved by the voters in November 2016 to improve the quality of education with local funding that cannot be taken by the State; modernize/construct classrooms, restrooms and school facilities; repair/replace roofs; renovate deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems; upgrade inadequate electrical systems; make health, safety, and energy efficiency improvements; and replace portables with permanent classrooms.
    The Board has approved Randy Peterson as the District's Measure GG Bond Program Manager.  You can contact him at:  csdbpm@gmail.com 
    Measure GG Community Workshop Presentation (PDF File of Presentation)
    The district held a Measure GG Community Workshop on August 30 from 5:30-7:00. The three lead architects from Studio E, the district’s Bond Program Manager, and the District Superintendent presented conceptual drawings for the rebuilding of Cardiff School. These drawings are based on feedback from the previous Community Workshop, held on June 13, as well as numerous meetings with staff members and the district’s Bond Implementation Team.  Feedback was welcomed from the audience and included discussion about the height and location of new buildings, traffic flow, and the impact of new buildings on existing mature trees on campus. The project design will continue to evolve and another Community Workshop will be held in the coming months.

    If you have any questions or comments, please email: MeasureGG@cardiffschools.com