• Cardiff School Construction Updates 

    Cardiff School District is pleased to announce that the new Cardiff School classrooms, lunch area, hardcourt, and the southern portion of the school playfields are complete and happily occupied by our Kindergarten through second-grade students and staff. In addition, the beautiful, newly renovated Cardiff School playfields and hardcourt are open after school hours to the public.

    The District looks forward to completing the final two partially completed project elements, including the western portion of the parking lot and the multipurpose room as soon as possible. The parking lot construction grant agreement issues were recently resolved and this work is currently scheduled to take place over the 2021-2022 Winter Break.

    The multi-purpose room will be completed as soon as possible when the final grant agreement issues associated with it are resolved.

    The District wishes to sincerely thank the Cardiff community for all of its support during all of our construction efforts and graciously ask for your continued support while we work to finish construction on Cardiff School.

    Why do we need a new multipurpose room?

    • The District designed Cardiff School’s new site plan to create a safer and more secure campus for our students.
    • Our old multipurpose room location was situated so that visitors had to walk through the entire campus to reach the multipurpose room for events. This led to our campus being unsafe and difficult to secure when visitors were on campus.
    • Now, the multipurpose room is located at the front of the school where we can secure the campus while also allowing guests to visit. Guests will no longer have the option to linger throughout the campus while events are taking place. In today’s world, it is imperative that we ensure the safety of our students in all situations. This new location of the multipurpose room will help to protect both our students and teachers.

     Cardiff School Construction Background