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    Just a quick update regarding curriculum.
    In math we are beginning our geometry unit. Students need to be able identify shapes suing their attributes including angles and parallel sides. We will then work on finding the area of many of them using our multiplication skills. We are  reviewing basic clock skills, fractions, graphing and always multiplication and division. It sounds like a heavy menu but we've been building these skills all year.
    The students will be doing another book report. It is really a character analysis from a book of their choosing. They will also be making a clothespin doll and backdrop to accompany the report. I have shown them many examples of dolls they could do, but they have a lot of latitude. They will present their report to the class. Again, time management, being responsible and accountable, creativity, and oral presentation skills are the lessons we want them to take away here. We will give them a clothespin, folder, and have them choose a book on Monday. 
    Our STEAM project begins this week. We will try to post some pictures on SeeSaw to keep you up to date. 

    Cindy Switzler

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