•  Welcome to Mrs. Switzler's Third Grade

    In the midst of this pandemic student lessons have been adapted. We have tried to keep a routine so that kids know what is expected of them. Please have your child go on Google Classroom to view assignments.

    9:00 Kahoot! to start the day. This is meant to be fun yet educational. If it is stressul for your child, omit it. Most love it.

    Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - Zoom time.

    Monday Our PE teacher will do a brain break, and the class will have a touch base time. Any questions can be answered or family updates. 

    Tuesday is Language Arts - Lesson and follow up to prior lessons. 

    Thursday is Math - typically a Number Talks.

    Friday is mostly Tech Free we hope. We try to give projects which are more creative and less tech. 

    Extra assignments are found on SeeSaw. BrainPop, ST Math, Khan Academy, Moby Max, and Epic are available.

    The librarian, the music teacher, and the science teacher all post assignments.

    The Reading Lab, Speech, English Language Development and Resource Programs all are doing separate lessons. 

    Paper packets are provided to be picked up each weekend. The digital copies are pushed out daily. Students can do the work digitally on their iPad, print the copies from home, or do the pages provided. Papers can be turned in on the weekend, saved for a later date, or submitted digitally. Modifications for kids struggling for any reason at home is completely acceptable. Please let me know how I can help. 

    Students should check their email and parents should monitor student correspondence. This is good practice. 

    Please stay safe during this crazy time. Wish we were back. 



    Cindy Switzler

    760-632-5894 ext. 102