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    In class we have settled into a good routine. We are completing our unit on government. We discussed how different groups of people got the right to vote. We read about the suffragest movement, Jim Crow laws, and how peaceful protest was used to make changes. You will receive the consummable booklet we have worked on for the last 3 weeks. During critical literacy time we have also looked at different stories and tried to think about concepts that might be presented in them. Our fictional unit has currently dealt with friendship and relationships. We are focusing on writing our responses as a group currently so that we can establish third grade expectations. 

    In math we are launching right into multiplication. We review addition and subtraction strategies, reinforce fact families, and always work on the problem solving piece. In addition, at the end of October the students should try to have completed 20% of ST math. 

    Cindy Switzler

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