•  Welcome to Mrs. Switzler's Third Grade

    In the midst of this pandemic student lessons have been adapted. We are doing fewer hands-on activities and collaborative lessons, but still some.  Our creative time is limited because we are getting through curriculum. Having said that we are getting through curriculum. 

    Reading and Language Arts-  We spend time each day doing critical literacy. I read a book to them and we anaylze what is going on in the story, what are the internal motivations of the characters, or the author in writing this story. Sometimes we write a response to the literature, sometimes we document our thinking for a future essay. Students are also reading and annotating in our reading series. This fosters fluency, independence, and the ability to dissern what information is important. 

    Math - We have covered multiplication, division, fractions and are now on geometry. Addition and subtration, interpreting graphs, and problem solving are always woven into our lessons. Learning those multiplication facts is so essential to making math automatic. 

    We spent a good portion of the year working on writing a nonfiction summary. We are working on our opinion writing currently and will circle back to narrative writing soon. Every Wednesday during our Zoom meeting we read an article together. Afterwards the students are to write about the article. I have noticed a steady improvement in their writing. I hope you are able to read your child's work as well.  



    Please stay safe during this crazy time. Wish we were back. 



    Cindy Switzler

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