• Welcome to the Cardiff School District"s Artist Studio!

    Ms. Nichols

    Dianne Nichols
    Cardiff District Art Teacher

    This year the Cardiff School Art Program will focus on ceramics. Each student will experience the dynamics of clay as an art medium. Students will learn the techniques of manipulating clay and the process of glazing to produce a finished ceramics piece. Each student will see how clay is fired in the school"s new state-of-the-art digital kiln! Children will enjoy the excitement of seeing their clay piece transform from the glazed application process to the shiny, bright high-fired glaze of a finished product.

    Visit the Lux Museum website to view art opportunities with artist-in-residence. You and your child can visit the museum here in Encinitas and watch the artist create works in specific media.

    Enjoy the photos of children experiencing this exciting process of high-fired ceramics!

    Thank you!