• Cardiff Elementary School's kindergarten reading support program is an opportunity for our youngest students to receive small group intensified reading instruction at their level.  This year's program has integrated the various reading programs used in prior years into one cohesive program called the Kindergarten Reading Support Program.

    With this new model of instruction, all kindergarten students, whether students are still acquiring letter recognition or reading above grade level expectations, will participate in reading groups for 30 minutes daily, three times per week. 

    All kindergarten students are assessed three times a year using the DIBELS test.  The kindergarten teachers use the DIBELS results and their own assessments to appropriately group their students in clusters of 4 - 5.  If you would like more information please refer to the ASSESSMENT link.

    The Kindergarten Reading Support Program will take place in the regular kindergarten classroom.  Each teacher has a 30 minute time block designated for small group reading.  There will be a team of highly trained reading instructors that will go to the classroom and deliver reading support instruction along with the regular kindergarten teacher.