• March 9, 2020






    Dear Parents,


    Tonight is the full moon and our last night of Moon Journals.  We will finish sharing all of our entries tomorrow.  I will collect the Moon Journals so I can look through them, but I will return them soon.  I know the students have learned about the moon phases and some of the constellations by their entries.  Since I’ve been doing these for several years, I notice the stars, moon, sunrise and sunset more often and think about what I’ve learned.  I hope this inspires your child’s curiosity in our universe.


    All the students had several quick lessons and videos that tied into our Ability Awareness week.  I hope your child shared what he/she learned after watching the wheelchair basketball and seeing the miniature horse.


    In math this week we will review the concepts that were in our math assessment and strengthen our work in those areas.  During writers’ workshop we will work on our moon phase writing which we started last week.  It will accompany the beautiful moon phase chalk art the students completed.  We will also begin our new area of study, insects.  All the second grades will host a Bug Fair on Tuesday, March 31.  More info coming.


    Next week we will observe the Family Balance Week by unplugging in class for the day, that means no iPads.  I hope you will choose some time during the week for your family to unplug and spend time doing things together.


    Dates to keep in mind:

    • 3/9-3/13, Family Balance Week, pick a day to unplug
    • Tues., 3/30, 2nd grade Bug Fair
    • Fri., 4/17, Field trip, The Flower Fields
    • Thurs., 5/14, Vacation on Mars parent performance, 10:45 am
    • Fri., 5/22, Field trip, The San Diego Zoo


    Have a great week! 







    Jan Hamilton