• January 22, 2019






    Dear Parents,


    Last week your child demonstrated his/her understanding of fractions by building a fraction pizza.  They are on display in our room for you to enjoy.  They also created beautiful chalk art of their favorite moon phase.  We are in the process of writing odes to that moon phase.


    This week in math we will continue working with fractions by placing them on a number line and comparing them.  Once again, any additional fraction support you can offer at home is greatly appreciated.  During writers’ workshop our goal is to create, revise and finish our moon phase odes. 


    We will share our Moon Journal entries daily, so the Moon Journal must travel between home and school daily.  While the kids are required to do only 4 entries per week as outlined on the directions, they must have access to their journal daily.  I will have art supplies available for your child to check out each night.  These supplies must be returned the next day so that I have enough supplies for class projects. 


    The Moon Journals replace the homework journals for the month.  We will resume work in those when we finish with the Moon Journals.


    Dates to keep in mind:

    • Wed., 1/23, Cow Assembly
    • Thurs., 1/24, Gardening, 9:10
    • Fri., 1/25, Ocean Adventures Assembly
    • Fri., 2/8, Jog-a-thon
    • Fri., 2/15, Spirit Day, Hat Day, awards assembly
    • 2/18-2/22, Family Week


    Have a great week!







    Jan Hamilton