• June 10, 2019






    Dear Parents,


    Well, this is it, the last hurrah before summer vacation.  This year has gone so quickly.  The little kids who walked through the door last August have grown and learned in many ways.  Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!


    Thank you, also, for your support throughout the year—volunteering for field trips, science lab, Boo-by-the-Sea, Ice Cream Social; helping and encouraging your child with his/her homework and learning; and participating in school events.  This is what makes Cardiff great!


    The class has done some amazing work this year with mental math.  While the lessons are getting quite challenging, the kids are persevering and solving the problems.  I’m very proud and impressed with their work.


    Please be sure that your child brings his/her backpack on Thursday and Friday to carry home all their things. 


    Dates to keep in mind:

    • Tues., 6/11, book exchange
    • Thurs., 6/13, class field day and end-of-year party, 10:15-12:15
    • Fri., 6/14, last day of school, 12:15 dismissal


    Have a great week and enjoy your summer vacation.  I hope you have set aside some fun family time.  Please help your child explore math concepts through real-life situations, take time to look at the night sky, read and share a variety of books, and write for real reasons.  Thank you for a great year!







    Jan Hamilton