• Editing Your Website

    "Schoolwires" is the company that hosts our website, however, Blackboard recently purchased Schoolwires so you will also see the name Blackboard associated with Schoolwires.    The product that we use to update our web pages is called "Centricity 2".   For our purposes though, we typically use "Schoolwires" to refer to our website tool.

    1) Each teacher is an editor of a "section". This page has two videos on Sections that are helpful for the first time user:  Training Videos for Section Editors
    2) This Section Editor Help Card is a handy PDF file you can use to review the shortcuts to editing your website.

    3) The popular Document Viewer app allows you to easily display different types of files on your website: How to Use the Document Viewer app    (Right now, you cannot use any spaces in the filename for the document you want to use.)
    4) The following list of folders is an example of the new Google Folder app.  With this app, you can link your Google FOLDERS (not files) directly to your website.   Below you'll see the folders from our shared Google Teacher Notebooks.  
    Teachers: If you see a Google error message, open a new tab or page and sign into your school email account.  Then, refresh this page. 
  • Parents can access any public files you have that are marked Anyone With the Link Can View