About ETM (Education Through Music)

  • To the neuroscientist:

    Play = Imagination = Intelligence

    Music Kids


    Education Through Music is a program developed by the Richards Institute of Education and Research. While it started as a novel approach to music education, it has since had widespread use in classrooms of all grade levels and has been found to benefit students in all areas of study. At its core, ETM is a language-based program in which song, movement, and interactive play promote emotional, social, cognitive, and musical development.

    ETM has many benefits for children, including:

    • develops focus and attentiveness while reducing distractibility and impulsivity
    • enhances working memory, strategizing, language structures, and auditory processing
    • creates a classroom of eager, alert children with eyes and faces brightened
    • stablizes the emotional system, promoting self-monitoring and intrinsic motivation
    • cultivates social interactive skills and regard for others while reducing aggression
    • increases both spatial awareness and sequential thinking
    • promotes complex symbolization abilities -- increasing meaning, understanding, and literacy

    Ms. Yarbrough has been studying ETM since 2013 and in the summer of 2016 attended their Colloquium, a week-long intensive study. She is excited to motivate the students and inspire their creativity using the songs and games of ETM.