• In 2016, nearly sixty-six percent of Cardiff residents voted to approve Measure GG, which provides funding for rebuilding Cardiff School and upgrading Ada Harris Elementary. 
    Cardiff School District presented the final Cardiff School construction design to the school board in April of 2018 after collaborating with the community-at-large, teachers, students and parents to ensure the new layout provided safety and security improvements and enhanced the learning environment, without losing the charm of the existing campus.
    The development of the final site plan was guided by six key goals:
    • Create a safe and secure environment
    • Prioritize learning spaces
    • Improve traffic flow and safety for pick-up
    • Connect the school to the community
    • Prioritize green space and views
    • Emphasize sustainability and environmentally focused design

    Following the environmental and coastal development permitting processes, construction on Cardiff School is expected to begin in summer or fall of 2019, and lighting improvements at Ada Harris are anticipated to start in the summer of 2018.

    The Board has approved Randy Peterson as the District's Measure GG Bond Program Manager. You can contact him at: csdbpm@gmail.com