• In 2016, approximately two-thirds of Cardiff voters approved Measure GG, a $22 million school facilities bond measure to modernize/rebuild Cardiff School and provide needed upgrades to Ada Harris School.
    Construction on the Cardiff School rebuild is slated to begin in Summer 2019. Once construction starts, the project will take approximately 18 months to complete.
    The design for the Cardiff School rebuild was developed through an extensive community outreach process that brought teachers, students, parents, and local residents together to collaborate on a design that provides a safe and secure environment for the students, enhances their learning environment, and preserves the charm of the existing seaside campus.
    The Cardiff School rebuild has been covered by the local media, including information about a lawsuit filed by a small group of local opponents who allege that the rebuild is reducing community open space.
    The school playfields are the open space in question. Named George Berkich Park after a former principal, the playfields are entirely owned and maintained by the school district. They are used first and foremost by the school and although they are open to the public after hours and on weekends, the space is not a City park. The new design incorporates an improved parking/drop off/pick up area and a multi-purpose room and outdoor space adjacent to the designated parking, school office, and field area. While the multi-purpose room will sit on a portion of the current school playfields, they are being reconfigured for increased student play space and safety. All of the current elements that are available for public use will be maintained in the new design.
    Currently, the District is addressing the implications of a $160,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant agreement that was entered into in 1993 in partnership with the City of Encinitas to enhance the school playfields. As the grant requires the school playfields to remain as outdoor recreation area in perpetuity, the California State Parks Office of Grants and Local Services has been guiding the District through the process already established to meet the changing needs of grant recipients in order to maintain compliance with grant requirements.
    Providing a safe, secure, and modern learning environment for the students has always been and will remain the focus of the Cardiff School District.
    On April 18, 2019, the Encinitas Planning Commission unanimously approved the Coastal Development Permit. The opposition has filed an appeal of this decision, and the Encinitas City Council will consider that appeal on May 22, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.
    Randy Peterson is the Measure GG Bond Program Manager. To contact Randy, please email csdbpm@gmail.com.