Siena Randall, President
    David Ross, Clerk
    Dave Clark, Member
    Nancy Orr, Member
    Mark Whitehouse Member  

    Jill Vinson
    Superintendent and
    Secretary to the Board 


    We are pleased you could be with us at this meeting and hope you will return often.  Your visit assures us of continuing community interest in our schools.  Agendas are posted on our website.  They can be made available to all persons present upon request.  Please feel free to request a copy in advance of the meeting.  We respectfully ask that you sign our visitor list.


    The Board of Trustees encourages citizens to participate in school district activities and, in turn, desires to be responsive to the needs of the school community.  Any person may address the Board concerning an item on the agenda, at the Board’s discretion may be granted three minutes to make a presentation to the Board at the time a specific item is under discussion or during “Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items.”

    An individual interested in addressing the Board should complete the Request to Address the Board form located next to copies of the agenda and submit the form to the Board secretary prior to the opening of the meeting.

    Although the Board of Trustees encourages citizens to participate in public school matters, the superintendent, as well as the principals, are available to handle most matters of public concern.  It is anticipated that all matters will be presented to these administrators prior to the Board’s involvement.  It is also expected that individuals who speak during the public meeting will be courteous and avoid remarks that reflect adversely on the character or motives of any person; or his or her race; religion, political or economic views.


    Cardiff School District has a 5-member Board of Trustees.  Each trustee is elected at large and serves a 4-year term in office. As the policymaking body of the school district, the Board of Trustees is charged with providing a quality educational program for students in grades kindergarten through 6 in accordance with the California Constitution, the laws of the state, adopted Board policies, and the desires of the community.


    As elected officials, trustees are state officers, responsible for the governance of the Cardiff School District, a political subdivision of the state.  The school district is independent of city and county governments, but cooperates closely with them.

    In addition, to establishing school district policies, the Board adopts an annual budget and approves all expenditures; employs personnel; approves curriculum, textbooks and courses of study; and makes decisions on school sites, building plans and construction contracts.  Presently, the school district has two school sites:  Cardiff Elementary School, with grades K-3; and Ada W. Harris School, with grades 3-6.

    Trustees have no power to act individually in the name of the entire Board.  Action can be taken only when the Board is in formal session with a majority of its members present.


    The chief administrative officer of the Cardiff School District is the Superintendent who executes the policies established by the Board of Trustees.  The superintendent is responsible for the effective operation of the entire school program, as well as the development of plans, programs and policies for Board action.  The Superintendent also acts as secretary.


    The Agenda is posted 72 hours in advance of each regular Board meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting.  An agenda is also available to those persons attending the Board meeting.

    Extensive background material related to agenda items is provided to trustees for study four days preceding a meeting. 

    Some agenda items may have been discussed by the Board during previous meetings.  These procedures enable the Board to act more effectively on agenda items than would otherwise be possible.  Detailed agenda materials are also available to the public and may be reviewed at the District Office on Monday afternoon before a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Board of Trustees is prohibited by law from taking action on items not on the agenda.


    In accordance with Education Code Section 35146 and Government Code Section 54957, the Board may recess to closed session to discuss personnel matters, litigation, employee negotiations, etc. If any action is taken in closed session, as allowed by law, it must be reported in open session of the public meeting


    Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public and are usually held on the second Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at Cardiff School, 1888 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Please see the Agenda and Minutes section of the website to confirm the date, time, and location of future Board of Trustees meetings.