Classroom Wish List

Posted by Jeff Redding on 8/24/2021 7:00:00 AM

Among the few things I could use to  start the year is Tacky Glue (used to mount artwork).  


Gift cards are also appreciated. (TPT -Teachers Pay Teachers,  Target, Office Depot, Staples and Michaels, as well as on Amazon.  If you are interested in providing some 'reward items" for our class, I buy foil pencils and novelty erasers online. 
Below is a link to an Amazon Wish List.  If you are interested in contributing to our class library, these are some books and other items that I am interested in acquiring for the class.   Books do not necessarily need to be 'new' or hardcover.  I actually prefer softcover.  I will update the list after Back-to-School Night and prioritzed the items. 

Things to do to help our class or school:

  • Sign up for Amazon Smile and select Cardiff SEA as your charity of choice.

  • Use the ‘Box Tops’ for Education App

  • Purchase books from the Scholastic Book Orders.

If there are any other specific needs, I will either post on this wish list or send out an email.   

Updated 9/01/22


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